KUNMING ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. is a well establish company in the manufacturing of a wide range of digital communication connector and cable. We are consistent high quality, competitive price, excellent performance and efficient services.

Experienced from 1978 to Nowadays
Kunming Electronics Co., Ltd was established on February 28, 1978, with Chairman and President, Mr. K.M. Sun. The company has a capital of USD 2,500,000 with 250 employees including the China factory, Hong Kong Logistics Warehouse. Our China factory which is 13,000 square meters is located in Zhufeng road, Liangping industry park, Shuanggui town, Liangping country, Chongqing city, China. It runs by GM, Mr. Ma with a paid-up capital of RMB 20,000,000 and 200 employees. The registered capital is RMB 10,000,000.

Our Products
By using the latest technology to manufacture AC/DC sockets, Audio/Video jacks, I/O port connectors, and other components, we have become a trusted supplier for majority of Japanese electronics manufactures. We are involved in developing new components for computer applications, amplifiers, TVs, embedded system, musical instruments, VCRs, Networking Device, Consumer Products and various electrical appliances.

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Core Value

Creating amazing for integrated supply chain service.
Our China factory in operation in 1989. And expanding production capacity in Chongqing in 2018.
We have become one of the top solution provider of electronic components, peripheral and connectors global market. Production line and QC department are always devoted to make perfect products.