• Model: HSD Connector

    Application: High Speed Data interconnection, Vehicle, Automotive, Car, Signal deliver, Infotainment systems, HD - entertainment systems, driver assistance systems, Telematics applications or LVDS camera systems are in the position to use this kinds of high grade digital interconnection interface solutions.

    Specification: Middle mount type, Horizontal Type, Vertical Type, Cable type.

    Special Feature: Power Over HSD Type, Color aware SPEC, Customized Cable 


    • Digital HSD interconnection enables excellent data transmission via LVDS (low voltage differential signaling) by preventing interference both from cross-talk and other external sources. And it supports optimized shielding
    • Advanced mechanical design and color coding prevents mismatching between different signal paths
    • Our HSD connector solutions enable to fulfil the high automotive requirements
    • Differential signal pairs are able to transmit data according LVDS, GVIF (Gigabit video interface), IEEE 1394, USB and Ethernet protocols and specification

    HSD Connector Catalogue

  • HSD Middle Mount Horizontal Type

  • HSD Vertical Type

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