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Establishment : Feb. 28, 1978
Chairman & President : Mr. K.M. Sun
Capital : USD 2,500,000
Employee : 30
Operation Sites : Taipei, Hong Kong, ShenZhen, HuiZhou.
Major Products : Mini Jack, Pin Jack, AC/DC Power Socket, S Jack, Phone Jack, Push Terminal, Terminal Block.
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Location: Dragon Industrial Zone, Longhua Town, Boluo, Huizhou City, Guangdong, China Paid up Capital RMB 40,000,000
Registered Capital: USD 2,100,000
Plant Area: 32,000 ㎡ (Production Area: 8,000㎡)



1978 February: The company was launched at Wuhsing Street, Taipei.
1980 March: The Export Division was established.
1981 October: The company moved to Tone Hwa Street, Taipei.
1985 March: The Engineering Division was established.
1988 November: Hong Kong office was launched.
1989 November: China Factory was launched.
1994 January: The company moved to Keelung Road, and established Materials Division in the original location.
1994 May: China Factory moved to Buji Town.
1994 July: Hong Kung office expanded and increased its warehouse.
1997 July: China Factory expanded and increased production line.
1998 April: The company received ISO 9002 approval by TUV. (QA:041008467)
1998 June: Set up Engineering Division in China Factory
2000 January: China Factory moved to Longhua Town.
2001 June: Set up Injection Department.
2002 January: Set up Mold Division.
2002 May: The company received ISO 9001 approval by TUV. (QA:041008467)
2004 March: The company received ISO 14001 approval by TUV. (QA:041008467T)
2006 May: Set up Digital Component Department.
2008 July: Relocate China Factory in Shenzhen Longhua.
2009 July: Factory develop automation-oriented production systems.
2013 July: Set up China Huizhou Factory.


Miniature Jack 8,000,000 DC Power Jack 2,000,000
Pin Jack 5,000,000 RGB Connector 1,500,000
AC Power Socket 3,000,000 Din Connector 1,000,000
Fuse Clip 3,000,000 Mobile Connector 1,000,000
Phone Jack 2,500,000 S Jack 500,000
I/O Connector (USB, HDMI,DVI) 2,000,000 Card Connector (SD, Micro SD) 1,000,000




Life Tester Instrument Programmable Auto Safety
Testresponsible Instrument Oven
Energy Dispersive X-ray
Fluorescence Spectrometer
Video Inspector X-ray Fluorescence
Coating Thickness Tester
Salt Spray Chamber
Hot Air Reflow Instrument Programmable Temperature &
Humidity Chamber