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Company Milestone

1978 February: The company was launched at Wuhsing Street, Taipei.
1980 March: The Export Division was established.
1981 October: The company moved to Tone Hwa Street, Taipei.
1985 March: The Engineering Division was established.
1988 November: Hong Kong office was launched.
1989 November: China Factory was launched.
1994 January: The company moved to Keelung Road, and established Materials Division in the original location.
1994 May: China Factory moved to Buji Town.
1994 July: Hong Kung office expanded and increased its warehouse.
1997 July: China Factory expanded and increased production line.
1998 April: The company received ISO 9002 approval by TUV. (QA:041008467)
1998 June: Set up Engineering Division in China Factory
2000 January: China Factory moved to Longhua Town.
2001 June: Set up Injection Department.
2002 January: Set up Mold Division.
2002 May: The company received ISO 9001 approval by TUV. (QA:041008467)
2004 March: The company received ISO 14001 approval by TUV. (QA:041008467T)
2006 May: Set up Digital Component Department.
2008 July: Relocate China Factory in Shenzhen Longhua.
2009 July: Factory develop automation-oriented production systems.
2013 July: Set up China Huizhou Factory.